Following its success on Nintendo Switch, the new version of Live A Live is coming to Steam in April, with a free demo allowing players to try out the new version of today’s classic JRPG game. From Square Enix, the publisher behind classics like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, the Super Famicom game had flown under the radar a bit, before taking on new life with a 2022 remake.

Live A Live tells its story through eight different protagonists, each appearing in a different setting and time period. These range from prehistoric caveman Pogo to Edo-period ninja Oboromaru, present-day fighter Masaru Takahara, and even maintenance robot Cube working on a freighter in the far future.

As you progress through each story, you’ll begin to notice threads that connect the events of each time period. It’s a format that’s perhaps more familiar to modern audiences with games like Octopath Traveler having adopted a similar structure, but now Western audiences have the chance to try out Live A Live and see what made it stand out. one of the most interesting. and the experimental role-playing games of his time.

Live A Live is also worth seeing for its spectacular soundtrack, composed by Yoko Shimomura, initially known for her work on the Final Fight and Street Fighter II soundtracks, and later garnering even more acclaim for her work on the series. Kingdom Hearts. If you like an RPG OST filled with wall-to-wall jamming, you better give Live A Live a listen.

Live A Live demo and release date

Live A Live releases April 27 on Steam with PlayStation consoles. It is also available with a 20% discount for pre-orders. The Live A Live demo will be released on March 30 and Square Enix grades that your saved game progress can carry over to the full launch once it arrives, so why not give it a try and see what you think?

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