Civilization 6: Update turns annoying Faction into Allies

Civilization 6: Update turns annoying Faction into Friends

In Civilization 6 there are a few factions in Barbarian Clan mode that are a little less civilized.

The next update for Civilization 6 will be about the barbarians, but it will be anything but barbaric. Because then you can not only attack the wild people, but also yourself make friends with them.

Barbarians get personality

With the update, the otherwise rather wild races in Civilization 6 become much more diverse. In the new “Barbarian Clan” mode there are whole six different barbarian factions. Each of these specializes in a different unit and, with your help, can even become a city-state in the course of the game.

As in the past, you can simply sweep the barbarians off the map in the classic way, but the update gives you a number of other interaction options. These include:

  • Ambush: You fight back the development of the barbarians one step and steal some gold.
  • Bribe: In exchange for gold, you can hire them to attack your opponents.
  • Ransom: If the barbarians have kidnapped one of your units, you can buy them back and thus promote their development into a city-state at the same time.

If you want more changes, you can also take a look at the strategy game Humankind. Because that wants to represent an alternative to civilization.

More changes for Civilization 6

In addition to the barbarians, this will be on February 25, 2021 for all players the free update will change a little more. Among other things, there is then a leader pool. This allows you to filter factions that you do not want to see in your game.

In addition, the AI ​​will take aerial combat more seriously and will also rely a little more on air defense. As a result, you can no longer easily overrun them with bombers in the late game. There are also balancing changes to the natural wonders.

Another major update is due in April. This will overhaul much of the civilizations in the game.

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