As you know, today is March 10. And for video game lovers, that means today is the TUE10 Day, or Mario Day. An appointment to celebrate the love and the good times that the mustachioed character created by Shigeru Miyamoto.

Although the official celebrations began last night with the presentation of the final Super Mario Bros. lots of social media activity with the plumber. But without a doubt one of our favorite moments was the presentation of the Lego collection on Mariowith a small preview of the next figure that will be released this summer.

As you can see towards the end of the long video (where we can also get a better look at this awesome Lego Bowser figure), the next Nintendo character pack to hit the Lego collection will be the duo consisting of Mario and Donkey Kong, with “DK Island Swing” sound effect included. Moreover, it has also been shown Bowser’s Castle Set Expansion Lego, which goes on sale August 1.

It is clear that playing with Mario goes beyond the screens of consoles and televisions and we can have fun with the legendary character and his friends wherever we want.

The movie Super Mario Bros.

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