Konami is rumored to be announcing a new Castlevania game at E3. Fans have been waiting for a new album for a long time!

For several years, Castlevania fans have been eagerly awaiting a new game from their favorite franchise. Konami has tried to satisfy them by offering reissues of old classics, but that is no longer enough. Fortunately, it seems his patience is finally rewarded.

Towards an announcement of a new Castlevania game? The fans are asking for more!

When asked by IGN, Tsutomu Taniguchi, director of Konami, said the company was aware of “the excitement and enthusiasm of fans online” and that she was “motivated” by this incessant demand for new content. The recent collaboration with Motion Twin for the Return to Castlevania DLC for Dead Cells demonstrates this desire to delight fans of the series.

Indeed, according to persistent rumours, a new castlevania game would be in preparation at Konami and could It will be announced at the next edition of E3. This announcement would be accompanied bya new version of solid metal gear 3.

Despite the long wait, Castlevania has seen some activity in recent years, especially thanks to the anime series streaming on Netflix, which has been very well received. reissues of Castlevania Anniversary Collection and Castlevania Advance Collection it also made it possible to rediscover the old episodes of the saga.

In addition, PlayStation and mobile fans have not been forgotten! On the contrary, they also had the right to Remastering of Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Nightwhile Apple Arcade players were able to discover grimoire of souls, a game that celebrates the franchise’s history according to Tsutomu Taniguchi.

But for fans, the real anticipation is a new entry in the series, which will provide them with exciting new adventures. Rumors about the imminence of a new work will undoubtedly delight fans of the vampire license.

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