In this new guide on Call of Duty: Warzone we will talk to you in depth about the best weapons to use during Season 3

Finally the long awaited Season 3 has arrived and has brought with it a lot of very interesting changes . In addition to the many innovations we talked about in our dedicated article, this new update also changed the statistics of some of the weapons already present in the Activision title and, of course, also added new equipment.

These changes changed the balance of the game, also making one of the new weapons added for the first time with this patch extremely popular. To help you familiarize yourself with the new meta we have therefore decided to write this guide, where you will find the best ten weapons to use during Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone.

The best ten

The arrival of the new season has really changed the game balance a lot, since it has also added two new unpublished weapons to the battle royale . Despite this, in our list you will still find many weapons already present in our previous top . This is because some of Warzone’s gear is very powerful indeed, and players have also been used to using it for quite some time. In any case, below you will find a list with the ten best weapons for Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone , and among them there is also a brand new shotgun.

  • Automaton
  • AK-47
  • M1916
  • Owen Gun
  • Bren
  • MP-40
  • Swiss K31
  • Yak-12
  • Cooper carbine
  • Kilo 141

Automaton – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

Let’s start talking about the best weapons of Warzone Season 3 starting immediately with the Automaton . This assault rifle is very powerful, fast and accurate, making it perfect for both short and medium range use. Below you will find a loadout capable of making the automaton even more powerful:

  • MX silencer
  • Canna anastasia
  • Viewfinder M38
  • 75-round drum magazine
  • Polymer handle

AK-47 – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

We continue to talk about assault rifles with the AK-47 , a valid alternative to the Automaton. This weapon is certainly not the best in its class but, having survived several nerfs, it is now in a really good situation . If you are looking for a well- balanced assault rifle that can adapt well to any situation, then the AK-47 certainly won’t disappoint. Below you will also find a perfect loadout to get the best out of this weapon:

  • GRU silencer
  • Spetznaz barrel for RPK 20 ″
  • Mirino Axial Arms 3x
  • Spetznaz handle
  • 45 round extended magazine

M1916 – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

Now it’s finally time to talk about the M1916 , one of the new weapons introduced with Season 3. This semi-automatic shotgun is extremely accurate , powerful and boasts a fairly high rate of fire for its class. Thanks to this weapon you will be able to easily eliminate enemies over medium-long range and, moreover, you will be very dangerous even during close encounters. Below you can find a loadout that can make the M1916 more powerful:

  • Mercury silencer
  • Precision barrel ZP 762mm
  • G16 2.5x viewfinder
  • Calcio ZP M502 Custom
  • Sakura 20-round magazine
  • Ribbon handle

Owen Gun – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

The Owen Gun is a lethal SMG that will allow you to wreak havoc on enemies at close range. This SMG suffers from a lower range than other members of its class, but manages to compensate thanks to a very high stopping power and an extremely large magazine. Below you can find a perfect loadout to make the Owen Gun even better:

  • Recoil enhancer
  • 142mm Hockenson barrel
  • Mirino Slate Reflector
  • No football
  • Gorenko 45-round magazine
  • Fabric handle

Bren – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

Now let’s move on to the LMGs with the Bren an extremely powerful machine gun, with a very large magazine and a very high rate of fire. Obviously, this weapon won’t allow you to accurately eliminate the furthest opponents, but it is perfect for showering a shower of lead on exposed enemies . Below you will find a loadout able to bring out the best from Bren:

  • MX silencer
  • Mirino SVT-40 3-6X
  • Canna Queen’s 705mm Royal
  • Calcio Queen’s Model 11 BH
  • Polymer handle
  • Sakura 40-round magazine

MP 40 – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

Let’s now move on to the MP 40 , one of the most loved SMGs by COD players. Unfortunately, this weapon too has received several nerfs over time , but nevertheless continues to be extremely effective. In fact, with this submachine gun you will be able to dominate your opponents whenever you find yourself in closed and cramped spaces. Here’s a loadout that can make the MP 40 even more lethal:

  • Canna Krausnick 317mm 04B
  • Mirino Krausnick ISO 2m
  • Krausnick 33m foldable stock
  • Gorenko extended magazine of 45 rounds
  • Polymer handle

Swiss K31 – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

This traditional sniper rifle does not exceed the Kar in terms of versatility, but is the perfect choice for taking down the furthest enemies without too much difficulty. In fact, thanks to this weapon it will be very easy to damage opponents even if you do not have excellent aim. Below is a loadout capable of making the Swiss K31 a more than decent sniper rifle:

  • GRU silencer
  • 24.9 ″ Combat Recon rod
  • Laser SWAT da 5mW
  • Snake grip

Jak 12 – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

Now is the time to talk about shotguns with the Jak 12 . Normally the weapons of this category are not very powerful on Warzone but, if you love to use them, then the Jak 12 will be able to make you very happy. This shotgun boasts a very large magazine, manageable recoil and, of course, very high power which makes it truly devastating in enclosed spaces. Below you will find a loadout to make the Jak 12 even more devastating:

  • Canna ZLR J-3600 Torrent
  • 5mW laser sight
  • 20-round drum magazine
  • Ribbon handle

Cooper Carbine – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

The Cooper Carbine has been and continues to be a favorite weapon of Warzone players. However, despite this, this assault rifle continues to be very efficient and represents the right choice for those who want to use a versatile weapon able to adapt to practically any situation. Below you can see a loadout designed to get the most out of the Cooper:

  • MX silencer
  • Canna Cooper Custom da 22″
  • G16 2.5x viewfinder
  • Cooper 45RS stock
  • 60-round drum magazine
  • Polymer handle

Kilo 141 – Call of Duty Warzone: the best weapons of Season 3

If you love long range combat but prefer to use semi-automatic weapons, then the Kilo 141 is perfect for you. This assault rifle boasts a very high accuracy that will allow you to effectively shoot down even the most distant targets. In addition, despite being specialized for long distances, it also performs quite well up close , thus making it a very versatile weapon. Below you will find a loadout able to make the Kilo 141 even more effective:

  • Monolithic silencer
  • Canna Singuard Arms Prowler da 19.8″
  • VLK 3.0x viewfinder
  • Commando handle
  • 100-round drum magazine

Ready for battle

This concludes our guide to the best weapons of Warzone Season 3. Now all you have to do is experiment and find the shotgun that best suits your style of play.

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