The weekly This Week at Bungie blog post has just been released, announcing that the Destiny 2 studio is once again asking its players which weapon they would like to add a new attachment to.

Following the previous voting cycle where the Arbalest Exotic was chosen and then settled on one of three community-chosen skins, Bungie has now revealed the list of Exotic weapons that make up this year’s vote. And these are Witherhoard, Thunderlord and Izanagi’s Burden.

Voting to choose which weapon gets the new cosmetic is now open and being sent to the Destiny 2 community via email. This will continue for some time, and when a winner is decided, Bungie will work with an already confirmed community builder to provide three unique cosmetics, which will also be voted on again, to see which one comes to Destiny 2 in the future. .

The developer has announced that this process will take some time, meaning this new cosmetic won’t arrive until next year’s expansion, The Final Form.

As for what the latest community-voted cosmetic looks like, you can check it out below.

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