Born of Bread 2.5D adventure game confirmed for Switch

Born of Bread 2.5D adventure game confirmed for Switch

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer WildArts Studio bring Born of Bread to To change, was confirmed. A broadcast window has not yet been determined.

Born of Bread is a 2.5D adventure game where players will take on the role of a flour golem possessing endless childlike wonder and a set of weird abilities. They will join a colorful cast of characters, explore the different regions of the world and engage in turn-based combat.

Beings from another time are wreaking havoc on earth! And with his malice comes a great threat to everyone. The most unlikely hero, a golem born from bread, will find himself with his new friends in the midst of a drama that has lasted thousands of years. Together they will visit incredible locations and meet fascinating characters, from the mysterious ruins of the Root Forest to the bustling metropolis of South Munch City. Although it may not seem like much, Loaf could be the hero that kneads this land.

Play as a flour golem with endless childlike wonder and a weird skill set in this 2.5 adventure game! Explore the different regions of a wonderful world full of mysteries and join a colorful cast of developed characters. With the help of your friends, take on menacing and bizarre villains and engage in a fun and quirky turn-based combat system. To successfully attack, press the required button and make sure you know what your enemy is weak or resistant to. Skip the enemy’s turn while defending yourself and, at the right moment, recover Willpower Points, an essential attribute to carry out your attacks!

The Born of Bread visuals are a nice mix of 2D characters moving through a 3D world. The environment is designed in such a way that the perspective of the elements is usable and the player can zoom in or out on the camera in addition to the side scrolling of the 2D setup.

Born of Bread is full of humor and likeable characters. The story, while dealing with serious topics such as character growth and the aftermath of elections, still manages to be lighthearted and fun.

The quest for bread will take you to the four corners of the kingdom, where you will meet new friends who will embark on this adventure. Each companion will bring their own set of skills to the party to help, whether in combat or while exploring.

The Born of Bread combat system features different types of weapons with a combination of physical damage types enemies can resist and special damage types enemies are weak to. Find the most effective combination to beat the bad guys in style.

In addition to weaknesses or resistances, each weapon type comes with a QTE that makes combat more interactive and fun.

Find a trailer for Born of Bread below, along with off-screen footage.

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