Now that Hogwarts Legacy has been with us for a few weeks, we wanted to take a look at the community. Specifically, to mods that have been developed to enhance, modify and/or fix the experience created by Avalanche. Or what is the same, What are the best Hogwarts Legacy mods? While it’s true that it’s hard to come up with a definitive list, since new mods appear every day, some have managed to stand out well above the others.

Today at MARCA Gaming we bring you a review of it, from those that aim to improve the experience by fixing some of its most basic errors, to those that give it a graphical facelift, alter the gameplay through tweaks of different degrees, etc. Having said that, Let’s go with our personal list of the best mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

Merging Hogwarts Mods

Lots of mods (our source is Nexusmod, one of the biggest modder pages in the world) require an external program that allows us to install or configure other mods. In the case of Hogwarts Legacy, the most widespread, at least for now, is Hogwarts Mod Merger. In general, this allows us to install more than one mod at the same time, avoiding compatibility problems, although it is always advisable to check its warnings to see if this or others have any incompatibility.

Better graphics, same performance

Incredible but true. One of the standout mods we’ve found in Hogwarts Legacy It allows us to improve the graphic part of the game thanks to a rather attractive reshade that improves what has been seen so far.. While it is true that the change is not particularly exaggerated, I know that we could observe a somewhat more refined graphics section and a slightly superior game of light and shadow. Overall, this Chtictory mod is one of the most outstanding we have come across to date.

  • Crisp, natural lighting (performance friendly) Reshade Hogwarts Legacy

alhomoira car

If you’re tired of having to pick every lock you encounter with Alohomora, since you think it’s too repetitive, this mod might be just what you’re looking for. As you may have imagined, allows us to automatically complete any Alohomora lock regardless of its difficulty, although we will need the spell. That is to say, it is a mod that solves the minigame, but it does not unlock the locks without its presence.

  • AUTOHOMORA – Auto jump from Alohomora minigame

A fix for FPS

PC users will have noticed on many occasions that Hogwarts Legacy, regardless of our computer specs, can experience quite noticeable PFS drops. The game, much better optimized on consoles, has some performance issues.

And while it is true that they are minor, in some cases they can be really annoying. With this mod we can solve a large part of the problem, since it guarantees to solve some of the most notable errors on these downloads.

  • Ascendio II.0 – FPS fix and engine tweaks for Hogwarts Legacy

It’s a Nimbus 2000!

We all love gifts, and what better gift than a Nimbus 2000? If in films and books we already “hallucinate” with the design of what could be one of the most emblematic broomsticks of the saga, in Hogwarts Legacy it was not going to be less. However, the game does not have this broom, since it is a model much later than the date on which the game is located. That’s why a modder decided to create an alternative skin (at the expense of the Broom Tetejos) so that we can enjoy it.

Armed to the teeth

Simple and straightforward: change your magic wand for a gun. It’s pretty unique to say the least. It’s one of the most downloaded, because in general it’s pretty funny, although most gamers got tired of it pretty quickly.

ogres are like onions


This is by far the craziest mod we have found. But with a lot of difference. After all, lets us reskin one of the broomsticks to turn it into the most famous ogre ever. Without more, there is no waste. It’s pure madness.

A train for… broom

Well, it would be if it weren’t for a tough competitor like Thomas Broom.. Indeed, a modder decided it was a good idea to create a broom skin based on this particular “character”. Seeing is believing… Now she’s fun the way she is. If you ask us, yes, the one we like the most is the Ford Anglia. This one has class.

the ultimate magician

Another interesting mod, although it completely breaks the difficulty curve, is the lack of cooldown. Thanks to this, we can eliminate the waiting time for each of the spells in the game. As you will have understood, this greatly facilitates the experiencebecause it allows us to uncontrollably spam all the spells we want. We will become something like a magic machine gun that keeps throwing skills one after another.

full speed

Thanks to this mod we can maintain the maximum speed of our broom at all times, avoiding that we have to make descents and/or move close to the ground to conserve “energy” when we “sprint” with it. It’s a quality of life mod that doesn’t affect the experience as much. This increases movement speed, so we don’t think it will spoil the experience too much.

  • No broom boost degradation (all levels)

reveal as much as possible

Simple mod that increases Revelio’s duration and area of ​​effect, something especially useful if we are looking to complete the game at 100%. This mod slightly spoils the experience, but it is quite interesting.

Open Kedavra

Want to cast Avada Kedavra in true Voldemort style? Well this mod alters the audio file of the unforgivable curse so that it is the famous (and very bad) vocal interpretation of this spell that sounds. Mythical.

  • Voldemort – Open Kedavra

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