The first major Season 4 update has arrived in Battlefield 2042. In addition to standard fixes, it introduced several new features and gameplay changes, including major gameplay systems.

DICE does not plan to abandon Battlefield 2042. A new update has arrived in the game, which, in addition to a series of fixes and changes to the game balance, introduced new weapons.

Today’s update for BF 2042Numbered 4.1.0, this is the first major patch to be released as part of the current Season 4.

Update 4.1.0 – general remarks

What does the new patch bring? BF 2042? The list of changes that the latest update brings to Battlefield 2042 is quite long. In addition to getting rid of bugs and many balance changes. the game received, among other things, three new weapons, and the chat and armor system got a facelift..

Here is a condensed list of changes and new features made to the BF 2042 in version 4.1.0:

  1. new weapons: AEK 971, RPK-74M and MP443;
  2. text chat improvements (new design, background opacity changes, color format changes);
  3. changes to the IBA armor plate system (from now on, armor will only cover a character’s torso, instead of protecting the entire body);
  4. Infiltration Device Improvements – X6;
  5. improvements to the OV-P reconnaissance drone;
  6. changes in the progression of the specialized area;
  7. correction of errors;
  8. balance of specialists (Angel, Blasco, Casper, Dozer, Falck, Irish, Zain);
  9. Minor sound fixes and improvements.

For more details on the 4.1.0 update for Battlefield 2042, we refer you to the game’s official website, which can be found here.

that Battlefield 2042 was released on October 6, 2021. The game, after a rather lackluster launch by the series’ standards, has recently gained popularity. The fourth season is currently underway on BF 2042 titled Eleventh Hour, which was released on February 28.

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