Barcelona Rayo announce new manager for Kings League second split InfoJobs

Barcelona Rayo announce new manager for Kings League second split InfoJobs

Ethis afternoon the barcelona lightning officially announced the coaching change on his Twitter account. John Lu stop directing all of the Spursito and stay like sports director support the president in the management of the club.

The position of first coach for the second divide it will be occupied by none other than Efrn Guilln. He was the second coach during the first divide and is also the sports director of the women’s team League of Queens.

“Meet the team, the players, amy I know he is going to be the perfect coach”, Spursito commented on his Twitch channel before teaching the official statement. I will accompany you like assistant coach Carlos Castillo.

Spursito interview with Efrn Guilln

Once it becomes official, the President of the barcelona lightning He spoke with the already first trainer of the team. Spursito confa en Efrn and hopes it takes them to the playoffs in second divide which begins May 7.

“I’m very excited because it’s just been a year since I was on the bench as head coach,” Efron commented. Furthermore, he pointed out that he and Juanlu will be very involved in the market theme in this month of April.

Spursito I asked him about possible moves and the coach replied, “I think Lightning needs to move and It’s time to separate the personal part from the professional part.”

Spursito discusses Rayo de Barcelona reinforcements with Efrn GuillnSpursito’s Twitch

They know where they need to strengthen, both in front of goal and in defence. Additionally, make sure that “Marc Pelaz and Mario Reyes made an excellent divide with Rayo de Barcelona” and they will try to protect them so that they do not pay their clauses. So it’s intuitive that they’ll want to build the team based on the two.

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Barcelona Rayo announce new manager for Kings League second split InfoJobs

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