Bandai Namco works with Nintendo on a remastered 3D title

Bandai Namco works with Nintendo on a remastered 3D title

Bandai Namco it seems to be preparing something new, and it appears to be one remaster or a remake of an “game 3D action ” for Nintendo.

A user of ResetEra he first noticed the collection of job postings, which suggest that Bandai Namco was commissioned by Nintendo to give an unnamed game a complete overhaul in HD. The project is currently hiring a planner and two visual artists, with the latter seemingly focused on reworking and designing 3D wallpapers.

Users of ResetEra they are having fun speculating on what the next game might be. The most common guesses include games from some of the biggest franchises Nintendocome Metroid Prime, StarFox e Kid Icarus. Some posters even think it could be a game in the series Baiten Kaitos per GameCubeoften forgotten.

Little else is known about the project at this time, although it is not entirely unexpected to see Nintendo trust Bandai Namco for something like that. The two companies have a long history of collaborating in a wide variety of titles. In recent years, the two gaming giants have collaborated on titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, ARMs e Mario Kart 8. Bandai Namco has also developed the exclusives Switch Pokken Tournament e New Pokemon Snap.

The situation at Bandai Namco

Lately, Bandai Namcothe publisher of From hand Ringhe raised all basic salaries for his own employees Japanese. The company shared the news in a press release press which was then translated, detailing that all salaried employees will earn 50.000 yen more per month, the equivalent of 435 dollars.

The company will also increase starting base salaries per month for new employees from 232.000 yen a 290.000. This will give new employees Bandai Namco 500 dollars more per month than in the past. These new wage standards are expected to start in April this year.

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