Last year we had a lot of important releases by the big studios, this including the Xbox Game Studios that Microsoft has working on their own projects and that at the end of 2021 gave us bombs that have turned out to be very successful like Halo Infinite .

Another big release that took place in October was Back 4 Blood, the spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead that has been developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who also worked on the old franchise alongside Valve.

Back 4 Blood June update is now available

This title was released last year and also arrived on Xbox Game Pass on the first day, which has made it one of the games that has been played the most in recent months, confirming a huge number of players who have dared to try it. .

The fact that Back 4 Blood has done well has made the developers confirm new post-launch content, which includes a lot of DLCs and expansions, as well as minor updates but also bring some important changes and news like the one we confirmed today that is now available for download.

  • Play all 15 cards from your deck at the start of a campaign for all difficulties.
  • New posters, sprays and emblems.
  • 12 new burn cards.
  • New warped chest corruption cards.
  • New cleaner skins.
  • Legendary accessories.

Back 4 Blood was one of the last great games of 2021 and we are really looking forward to seeing what new things arrive in the near future.

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