One of the biggest complaints about Fallout 4, and perhaps Bethesda RPGs in general, is how it partially forces you to play a certain type of character. Your story is given to you. Its goal, to save Shaun, is quite rigid and makes free-form exploration a guilty pleasure. If the aim of Fallout 4 mods is to expand, overhaul and transform the 2015 original, this new one might be one of the best, plus it includes some of that classic take on the story of Fallout New Vegas.

Roleplayer’s extensive dialogue takes Fallout 4’s sometimes restrictive and prescribed conversation system and turns it into something where your choices and character build really matter. Hundreds upon hundreds of new lines of dialogue are added to the open world gameplay, allowing you to drive conversations in multiple directions based on your own stats, perks, and SPECIAL options.

Normally, alternate or hidden dialogue options in Fallout 4 are mostly governed by the “Charisma” stat: if you have high Charisma, you can complete quests using speech, trade for more caps, etc. That’s fine, but it doesn’t really take into account what makes your character unique, but rather homogenizes all dialogue possibilities into a single option and a single advantage.

The extended roleplayer dialog adds new lines based on a myriad of factors. Is your strength stat really high? There are new dialog options. To put a lot of points in the doctor skill? New dialog options. Do you have the Lady Killer perk? Yes, new dialogues.

Even beloved low intelligence options are making a comeback. If you miss stumbling through the Mojave Desert, fighting Gum Runners, and asking Brain Tank if you can eat a cookie, that option comes back, with some absolutely gorgeous one-liners, as you can see below:

Even wearing power armor now gives you additional conversation options: if someone tries to assault you, you can respond with a flippant “uh, I’m wearing power armor” and watch them crumble and back off. And we haven’t even reached the best.

The entire mod is fully voiced. All of those hundreds and hundreds of new NPC conversation and response options seem seamlessly integrated into the base game, thanks to voice-modulated AI that mimics every character in Fallout 4. Essentially, it feels like Bethesda designed Fallout 4 from this way. the first place. it’s flawless. You can get the extended roleplayer dialog, created by ‘ProfMajkowski’, here.

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