Atomic Heart’s skills determine your combat strength and players should focus on the best skills they can find in the game. ‘others.

You’ll need to invest in some Atomic Heart Gauntlet upgrades as soon as possible to take down tough enemies in each chapter.

To upgrade your glove, you need to meet Nora the robot and spend the Neuro Polymer for upgrades. Here we will list all the best skills you can choose for your gloves in Atomic Heart.

The best glove abilities and upgrades in Atomic Heart

You can choose different abilities and upgrades for your AI partner Char-les. The Talking Glove allows you to perform specific actions which can be very nifty during your game of Atomic Heart.

There are a total of 6 abilities you can unlock for your gauntlet, but the best one allows you to be more effective at immobilizing enemies and helping you contain enemy impact.

Energy management

Energy management is key in Atomic Heart, as you need to use your energy in the most efficient way to keep using your weapons and abilities.


Your energy will slowly deplete, making you powerful and an advantage over your enemies. This means that your shots can deal more damage during combat and you can kill enemies faster.

As for the best upgrades for power management, energy density, there gourmet tripe they are up to it.

You can double your amount of stored Energy by having Energy Density, and you should get it early in the game to allow maximum benefit to your abilities and weapons.

Greedy Guts is best used in combination with Energy Density. This ability allows you to decrease the slow time of all energy abilities.

Combining these two buffs allows you to deal double damage at half the normal cooldown cost. You need to get this skill tree first, as you can benefit from it due to its suppressing effect on all other glove upgrades in Atomic Heart.


Shok is one of the first gauntlet abilities in Atomic Heart. This ability only takes up two ability slots, freeing up your third ability slot. You get it for free and it’s the third skill you unlock.

The ability allows you to release bursts of electrical energy. These can damage enemies and activate environmental devices, allowing you to activate certain traps during your fight. Shok is so versatile that it becomes an essential part of your arsenal as you progress through the game.

The best upgrades for Shok’s ability are chain of light there extended topology.

You get much-needed AOE damage potential by equipping these upgrades. Your weapon will deal maximum damage to multiple enemies within a specified radius. Additionally, your hits will deal extra damage when interacting with the bots.

This is crucial because most of your campaign in Atomic Heart includes fights with the robots, so having Shok is essential in the game.


The Frostbite ability allows you to freeze your enemies where they stand. This ability is great for crowd control and can make a big difference in fights where enemies are harassing you.

Although this ability only seems useful against organic enemies, it can be frozen. But the Frostbite ability is also a great bot counter. You can’t completely freeze them, but you can almost completely slow robots down with Frostbite.

absolute zero there careful dismantling are two updates that are best for Frostbite.

Absolute Zero upgrades allow you to freeze your enemies and damage them simultaneously. You have the ability to perform free attacks to deal maximum damage to important enemies.

Careful dismantling is also essential for freezing. Allows you to collect bonus items from enemies that fall under your freeze effect. Thus, you can obtain additional items to obtain various useful improvements for your equipment.


The character’s ability works to improve the user’s physical ability. It provides increased stamina, increased mobility, increased health, and even greater carrying capacity. It turns you into a skinny turtle ninja buff.

The ability doesn’t seem very powerful, but it provides excellent utility overall. All your physical aspects are improved. You take less damage, move faster, and always carry more items with you.

You need to unlock various upgrades for it to be viable, including Morning exercise, parkour, avatar, rampart, neurological compression tactical backpack, athlete and boar.

All of these upgrades together make up the Character Ability, one of the best abilities you can get to increase your effectiveness on the battlefield.

massive telekinesis

Mass Telekinesis is the best crowd control ability in the entire game. The ability allows you to telekinetically move your enemies and objects.

You can pick up your enemies and throw them to deal damage or throw things at your enemies to hit them. You can also use the ability to levitate multiple enemies at once, then retreat or attack stronger enemies once they’re left open.

Consider getting forced fall acceleration there more power by unlocking Mass Telekinesis upgrades.

Forced Fall Acceleration lets you knock enemies back and deal extra damage. The power boost will allow you to pick up heavier objects and enemies so you can throw or punch them.

You can use this ability even on high level bosses. This ability gives you the smoothest animation and you can take down your robotic enemies using the increased power buff on Atomic Heart.

Polymer Shield

While other abilities in Atomic Heart that we have listed focus on increasing your combat effectiveness, this ability tracks your defense in any fight.

Polymeric Shield does what the name suggests and provides a mobile shield to use when you need to deflect or avoid damage.

Polymeric Shield can absorb most damage dealt to it, and with the right upgrades, it can make your Polymeric Shield ability even stronger.

The best upgrade you can get for Polymeric Shield is Improved Kinetic Reflectorwhich allows you to reflect all enemy attacks in a single parry.

you can also get Comments from the medical unit there sponge attack which will allow you to convert your enemies’ attacks into valuable resources and absorb attacks, increasing your health instead of taking damage.

These are the best skills you can choose from in Atomic Heart. You can always modify them according to your needs or even opt for a different capacity if that suits you. Other upgrades for these abilities can also be added to improve matches.


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