The Twins are the final boss duo in Atomic Heart. They’re incredibly agile and designed to look (and fight) like ballerinas in the theater.

While fighting the twins, you’ll face massive ranged attacks involving lasers. What’s different about this fight is that you have to fight both of these twins at the same time in the final stage.

To avoid damage, it’s best to wait and dodge all incoming attacks. To stay on top of his fast attacks, you can use the help of the Sleazeball ability.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will have to make a decision right before starting this boss fight. The choice you make before battling the twins will determine which ending you unlock in Atomic Heart.

The location of the twins

You will meet the Bellarina twins during the Consequence Academy chapter in Atomic Heart, just after the Pavlov complex.

It’s important to note here that the boss fight with the twins will only happen if you choose to tackle Sechenov.


How to defeat the twins in Atomic Heart

Before we start the fight, we just want you to know that each twin has a huge health pool which makes them very hard to beat. As soon as you enter the arena, you’ll be faced with a few quick events that you need to win to start the main battle.

The difficulty with beating the twins is that they both attack at the same time and give you little to no respite. In the meantime, if you leave one for a while, it may even recover its health pool, which makes the whole process even more difficult.

Talking about the weakness of the Twins, well, they don’t have any and in this case you have to take the help of melee or ranged physical attacks. You can use the help of the shift ability to freeze one of the Twins for a short time and use that window to land physical attacks.

To prevent the twins from attacking, you can use the aid of Mass Telekinesis, which effectively freezes the enemy until they are airborne. Once they’re airborne, you can hit them with Reverse Charge Shot for massive damage.

The best strategy with the left is to keep your distance and have a ranged weapon like a shotgun or Fat Boy in hand. When you’re away, the twins attack you with a ranged laser beam that Sleazeball can dodge.

During this time, the twins will also take a lot of damage from electric shockwaves if their charged attack lands on them. You’ll see this attack coming by looking at the charge meter. The best bet with charged attacks is to dodge or use Sleazeball.

At the end of the fight, the two twins will team up and send the huge polymer pieces to the ground. At the same time, both twins will also fire lasers and the only way to avoid damage is to dodge.

The laser duo’s attack will get even stronger when the fight reaches the final stages. The fight, however, will end once they attack the laser duo again.


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