Atomic Heart features three different difficulty levels that aren’t your traditional (or conventional) difficulty options. Each setting is designed to not only increase the difficulty ceiling of the game, but also to affect various aspects of the world around you.

So choosing an Atomic Heart difficulty level means adapting to the biggest challenges and changing the way you play. By the way, you’ll first need to know what each difficulty option does.

Atomic Core Difficulty Differences

There are three different difficulty levels to choose from in Atomic Heart. If you are looking to complete the game 100%, you must play the game on Armagadeon difficulty to unlock your achievement.

Peaceful Atom (easy mode)

This acts like a beginner mode in terms of difficulty settings. In Peaceful Atom mode, enemies will have significantly less health. The basic enemy (VOV-A6) can be taken down in just two hits. Swarms of enemies are manageable, and you’ll find plenty of resources there.

This mode is quite suitable for novice players who do not have a lot of skills. With enemies having less health and easier inventory management due to the abundance of resources, players are better able to spread the story and become more immersed in it.

Pacific mode, despite being an easy mode, has some issues if you are an experienced player. Resources are plentiful and enemies are weak in this mode which makes the game less difficult which takes away from the interest of the game.


This mode also prevents players from experimenting with the mechanics of the game and unleashing its full potential. It is recommended that experienced players avoid this mode and prefer the more difficult ones.

Local fault (medium mode)

Local failure mode is a step in the difficulty setting for Atomic Heart. You can opt for this mode if you want to liven things up during the game and enjoy your fights with the robots. In this mode, opponents will be playful and fight well with difficulty on medium settings.

This mode is for you if you want to enjoy the story with the same challenge from your opponents in the utopian world of Atomic Heart. In this mode the VOV-A6 will need more firepower to take it down, resources are scarce so every bullet counts and you have to be careful before entering a room.

In the previous mode, swarms weren’t as deadly and were manageable with a few taps. But in this mode, swarms can be tough and a few slips can easily bring you down.

Boss fights can be difficult enough that you have to replay the fight multiple times to defeat them. This mode allows the game to be played as intended by the developers.

However, investing in this difficulty mode means that you will have to resort to combat techniques like stealth to counter your enemies. Local Chess mode encourages players to develop their skills and thus makes the game more interesting for them.

This mode is not for new or inexperienced players. They may find the game too heavy, repetitive or tedious.

Armageddon (hard mode)

This is by far the hardest difficulty mode you will find in Atomic Heart. If you choose Armageddon mode, it will test your mettle as the opponents will be extremely difficult to defeat. This will increase the damage and HP levels of your opponents, making them impossible to defeat.

This difficulty mode is specially designed for players who want to test their gaming skills. The same goes for your opponents, who will improve as you progress through the main game.

Resources are scarce, so you’ll have to rely more on your melee weapons. In this mode, a single VOV-A6 will require many hits to take down, and it’s almost impossible to deal with more than one. Boss fights will be extremely difficult and will consume a lot of your resources than before.

To counter this difficulty in AH, you will also have to improve your game. For this, you will need to practice a lot to master the game well if you want to counter this difficulty.

This difficulty can be a source of frustration for novice players. This mode is suitable for players who have completed the game once on a lower difficulty and are looking for an extra challenge.

You will have to resort to acquiring more resources and time to develop skills to defeat your enemies. This mode is designed for hardcore gamers, so choose wisely when selecting the difficulty option in Atomic Heart.

Can you change the difficulty levels in Atomic Heart?

Yes, you can change the difficulty level of the game at any time according to your abilities. If you chose Armageddon at the start of the game, you can download it at any time in the game.

Difficulty can be changed even during Boss fights if you feel the fight is too much for you. As the difficulty of Armageddon can be very difficult, especially in boss fights, this mechanic is quite important for players.

To change the difficulty level, pause your game. Next, head to the game’s game settings and you will be able to see a difficulty option that you can easily choose from.

What difficulty level to play in Atomic Heart?

Considering all the difficulty options above, you should go for the Local Fail difficulty. This is because you can enjoy the excitement of the game while planning your journey in Atomic Heart. Moreover, it will make the game a bit more interesting because the robotic enemies you will face will fight well for you.

Another benefit of the Local Fail difficulty is that you can complete most achievements without much hassle. Most of the achievements are easy to get and you can also get them using Peaceful Atom mode, but the good thing about local failure is that it will set you up for Armaggedon mode.

However, if you’re having trouble in this mode, or if you’ve chosen Armageddon mode by mistake, fear not. The reason for this is that Atomic Heart gives you the option to change the difficulty setting to either Peaceful Atom or Local Fail, which will make the challenge less difficult for you.

During the game, you will come across many healing items, so you should use them during your battles and also during your journey. You will also find red vending machines that are located everywhere for you to access. You can craft items through them in Atomic Heart.

Like most achievements, they can be obtained by choosing the Peaceful Atom or Local Rift mode. A feat, the atomic heart success, it can only be unlocked if you play the game in Atomic Heart’s Armageddon mode. This achievement can be acquired later when you have completed the game in Local Failure and have developed the appropriate skills for Armageddon mode.


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