Mundfishthe developer behind the new Soviet-themed shooter atomic heartreleased an official apology in connection with an old cartoon that some have called racist.

The cartoon shocked some Atomic Heart players, leading some to demand explanations from the developer.

After years of anticipation for the game’s release, Atomic Heart unfortunately had a rocky launch, and a cartoon that offended some players didn’t make the game’s first week any easier. a Soviet-era children’s show called Nu, Pogodi! representing a member of an African tribe in a stereotypical way.

With multiple episodes of the show available for Mundfish, the choice to include this particular episode has some players alarmed because these types of stereotypes are so outdated. The discovery of this cartoon left many who discovered it waiting for answers.

Although there was no clear explanation, there was a statement of apology from Mundfish. The developer’s short message states that the studio apologizes for any harm the cartoon has done to players.

Mundfish’s statement also said he would remove the offending portion of the episode to appease Atomic Heart players who found the video distasteful. However, the apology did not state when the episode would be edited.

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