Asus has been very active lately regarding its new product, Asus ROG ally, a new portable game console looking to compete with SteamDeck. What seemingly seemed like a simple April Fool’s joke became reality after the company itself confirmed that the console is real, in addition to leaks earlier this month, with specs and even its starting price. .

Well, Asus, through a post on its official Twitter profile, has confirmed that the new Rog Ally will be launching worldwide. Although it looks like it will prioritize launching in the US through Best Buyer, a well-known retailer dedicated to selling electronics.

It was to be expected that the priority of launching the console in the United States would raise a deluge of comments on the post, wondering when it will launch in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Although there is no announced date for its worldwide availability, the company assures that there will be some soon, in addition to its price and points of sale in each of the continents.

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