We are finally a few weeks away from the release of red drop as part of Xbox Game Pass on May 2, 2023, and you’ll be happy to know that everything you see in the base version of the game will be available in XGP.

In other words, there are no microtransactions built into the experience, which means there’s no in-game store either. Speaking to Wccftech recently, Redfall’s creative director , Harvey Smith, revealed that the team was “very proud” of this fact:

We try to be very clear that there are no microtransactions and there is no in-game store. We are very proud of that. If you find a costume in the game, you can have it, simple as that.

However, that doesn’t mean that Redfall won’t have DLC. In fact, the Redfall Bite Back Edition on the Xbox Store is already announcing several perks if you’re willing to pay a little extra at launch, including a Hero Pass with two future heroes, as well as various character and weapon skins.

And in the same interview, Smith confirmed that there are a lot of plans we can’t talk about right now:

“WWe have plans for additional weapons, costumes, monsters, characters, and more that we can’t talk about at this time. But we have a good year of updates, and it’s all in the current game or it will be DLC. We try to make it as fair as possible for people.

You might want to spend some of those Microsoft Rewards points on Redfall if you really like the game, but if not, you can be sure to experience everything the base game has to offer on Xbox Game Pass.

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(source wccftech.com)

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