The latest Dark and Darker update added support for DX11. If you’re wondering if you should use this option, we’ll answer your question in this article.

Dark and Darker is a popular Dungeon Crawler game. It is currently in the testing phase. Hundreds of thousands of people play it every day. It is therefore not surprising that the developers try to make it work for everyone. One of the steps they have taken to do this is to make Dark and Darker DX11 compatible. In this article we will talk about it.

What are DX11 and DX12?

DX11 and DX12 are versions of DirectX software. In short, we can say who is responsible for smooth playback of graphics and videos (but not limited to this). It is thanks to this software that you will be able to see beautiful graphic effects (including Raytracing) on ​​your monitors every day. So it’s very important.

Getting darker with DX11 – Should I use it?

The answer to the above is related to another important question: do you have any problems with Dark and Darker? The game uses DX12 by default, so it is newer software. If the title suits you, you don’t have to do anything at all..

In case the game has any problems. for some reason, and the graphical effects don’t look like they should, so you might want to consider trying DX11.

How to activate DX11 in Dark and Darker

  1. go to your games Library.
  2. The right mouse button in the black and the darkest.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. To click Ask when starting the game and choose Play darker and darker with DX11.

Dark and Darkest Guide

Remember that our portal has prepared a guide to Dark and Darker. Here you will find all the important information. To read it, click here: Dark and Darker Guide.

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