Apple makes more revenue from games than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo combined

Apple makes more revenue from games than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo combined


Apple is known for big tech novelties but has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to video games. Big triple-A games often make it to PC and consoles, but rarely do they make it to Apple products as well. For example, many people use Macbooks in cafes and lecture halls, but these are mostly used for work and not for playing games.

In general, video games are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Apple products. Still, according to the latest reports, Apple is the biggest name in gaming!


As the Wall Street Journal reports, Apple made more profits in the gaming industry in 2019 than Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision and Sony combined! That’s an incredible amount of money. According to WSJ, a report examining the company’s earnings confirmed that Apple made more than $8.5 billion in the branch.

This money is made through the App Store, Apple’s own marketplace, which is at the center of the dispute between Epic Games and Apple. Since this store takes part of the profits from the games popular there, Apple hardly has to lift a finger to receive billions from other developers.

It’s kind of the perfect passive income for the tech giant, although they don’t really specialize in that field in any way.

Despite the impressive numbers, it should be noted that the report is from 2019 and thus does not reflect the current market as Sony and Microsoft released their new generations of consoles in 2020.

Nevertheless, it is remarkable how Apple has made it to the top in this branch and leaves several giants of the market behind!

Brent Dubin
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