The next DLC for Anno 1800 is in the starting blocks: Travel time from Season Pass 3 will appear on May 25th at 6 p.m., as Ubisoft Mainz announced in a current blog post.

It is likely that a new game update will also be available for download on the date mentioned – details or patch notes are not yet available. With the new Season Pass 3 expansion, new gameplay mechanics have been added to the building game: the bus system.

In the blog entry, the developers go into more detail about the mechanics – and explain how it works in Anno 1800.

“Buses are a new gameplay mechanic that is needed to connect your guests – the tourists – with their hotels and all the amenities of the city: restaurants, bars, variety theaters, the zoo and more,” write the developers. You have to create some space in your city for the new bus stops – 2×3 fields – and buildings.

Each bus stop has a certain radius that shows which public buildings are in the area of ​​influence of the respective bus stop. As soon as the zoo or a bar are within this radius, for example, they are part of the bus network.

You should also keep an eye on the road range. “This is indicated by a green overlay on the streets, as you know it from public buildings, and shows the range of the respective bus stop, which combined results in your bus network.

The green markings of two stops must overlap so that they form a common bus network can “, explains Ubisoft Mainz. There are also new UI elements. For example, an icon above the buildings indicates when there is no bus connection.

More detailed descriptions are provided by a tutorial that explains in detail the mechanics of the bus system in the Anno 1800 DLC Reisezeit.

By the way: The buses don’t need any fuel: “Requiring the player to supply the buses – just like the tractors – with fuel would have been a nice additional challenge; Fantastic fit that we wanted to present “, add the developers.

You can find more information about the bus system on the Anno website. Further news around the Reisezeit DLC are planned until the release.

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