An eventful day awaits players of Anno 1800: Today, both the Reisezeit DLC from Season Pass 3 and the free update 11 will be released. Ubisoft Mainz has already announced a time for the activation: The content will be available from 6 p.m. for the build-up game available.

The travel time add-on brings many new features to your island. There are tourists who form a new population level in the Old World and who stay in your city overnight.

To do this, you are expanding the visitor harbor and then building new hotels. So that the tourists feel comfortable on your island, you set up restaurants, cafes and bars. The buildings use the new recipe system and thus production and service.

With the new bus system, in turn, you take care of the travel time DLC of Anno 1800 (buy now € 31.99 / € 53.99) ensuring that tourists get from A to B quickly. You can find many more details about the travel time extension in a separate article under this link.

The add-on is included for Season Pass 3 owners. The add-on should also be available individually. Update 11, on the other hand, is free for all players and is also available for download this evening. The approximately 3.7 gigabyte patch brings additional bug fixes and optimizations into play.

For example, there is a new game speed that reduces the speed by half. In addition, it is now possible to send money to other players in multiplayer mode.

Around the launch of the new content, you can also secure two ornaments for free via Twitch Drops. If you watch one of the participating streamers for an hour, you will get a free flag, for three hours you will bag a lamppost. The ornaments can also be used in Anno 1800 without the Reisezeit DLC. The item event runs until May 30th.

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