Aniquiladoras, the Annihilators women’s team in the Queens League, faced draft selection with very clear ideas and several tricks up his sleeve. Among them, that of his player 12, since at the time they had not yet selected her. They wanted to wait and see what happened during the draft, because how the draft unfolded could completely change their needs for the first split.

Anyway, the team, led by Espe, president of the club and the only one to have taken a penalty in Kings League InfoJobs (I replaced JuanSGuarnizo in the Camp Nou final)He has pretty clear ideas. Apparently they were one of the first to shut down their coach, Marta Sánchez. She will not be alone, as she will be accompanied by both Jaime Pascual, in the role of assistant coach, and Joel Bravo, who will act as assistant.

Aniquiladoras FC: Just like the women’s team led by Espe

  • President: Wait
  • President: Juan S Guarnizo
  • Coach: Marta Snchez
  • 2. Coach: Jaime Pascual
  • Assistant: Joel Bravo
  • Goalkeeper: Ariadna Sez
  • Goalkeeper: Naiara Zrate
  • Attacker: Sonia Alonso
  • Attacker: Susana Lopez
  • Medium: Silvia Ferrer
  • Media: Sara Ismael (choice 1)
  • Defense: Nacha Garrote
  • Defender: Corina Durante
  • Defender: Gema Fernández
  • Defense: Monica Morote
  • Defense: Nacha Garrote

player 11: not-confirmed. Espe gave several clues, explaining that she was a pioneer in women’s football and had come through teams like Sevilla. In addition, he played with the Spanish football team.

player 12: They have not yet chosen their number 12 player, as they are waiting for the draft to confirm what their real needs are for the first Queens League split.

The first draft pick was his

The bad luck of the penalties did not accompany the president of Annihiladores during the night of the repechage, since she drew the ballot with the number one. He had no doubts, and as his first choice he chose Sara Ismael. Without a doubt, this is a real signature. The former player of -among other teams- FC Barcelona was one of the favorites in the repechage, so it is quite possible that part of the team will be built around her.

In the role of midfielder, you would expect her to be responsible for creating the game Annihilator. After that, the club opted for Ariadna Sez, a quite exciting goalkeeper in the team. This will be the starting target, although they also have Naiara Zrate in case there is a need for a change at some point in the season.

His next choice was a defender, Gema Fernndez, followed by Silvia Ferrer, who also stands out in midfield. Corina Durante, also a full-back, was the Annihiladoras’ fourth choice, but it wouldn’t be their last. In fact, their No. 8 and No. 9 picks used them to bolster that same defense. They were Nacha Garrote and Mónica Morote.


Of course, they also presented the team kit. The predominant color is still red and the style closely resembles that of the men’s team. The design opts for simplicity, with stripes both on the collar and on the sleeves and various ascending lines with curves that gradually change from white to yellow-red.

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