Things are heating up at Sony following Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. During this week we have seen how Sony accused Microsoft of the possibility of sabotaging PlayStation by introducing bug fixes in Call of Duty and how the head of PlayStation, jim ryansaid, “I don’t want a new deal on Call fo Duty. I just want to block the merger.”

The well-known video game industry analyst Michael Pacher He has spoken about the issue several times and recently said he was “98% sure” the deal will go ahead. Now, he’s been very outspoken about the effects he thinks it will have on Sony.

While visiting the Destin podcast, Pachter was asked if Sony was telling the truth that this deal was going to negatively impact their ability to make first-party games like God of War: Ragnarök, to which he replied that it would make them difficulty. “a lot”:

“This deal is going to hurt Sony a lot. It doesn’t hurt consumers at all. So yeah. What Microsoft is proving is that $15 a month for content is a better deal than $500 a month. advance, $70 for content and $5 per month for multiplayer.

So Sony can adapt or be overwhelmed. What will happen to Game Pass? I think console advocates like Sony will continue to be “ridiculously stupid” and continue to give advantages to Microsoft to allow them to grow.

I admire Microsoft because they see it happening and they take advantage of it. And remember, ultimately, Microsoft doesn’t care about profit per game, per consumer. They care about growing Game Pass from 25 million subscribers to 225 million.”

Do you agree with Pachter that Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard threatens PlayStation’s business model?

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