Some fans have made a rather weird request to the streamer.

According to the information that is emerging on the net in these hours, the fans (and not only) of Amouranth They manage to show their dedication to the streamer like virtually no other, not only by buying her jars of farts and bath water, but also by giving her thousands of dollars as gifts, despite being already multimillionaire.

Some Amouranth fans have asked her to do a rather weird and unusual thing at TwitchCon

But as if all these things weren’t enough, sometimes meeting your idol in person can make you do things you never thought you would do, without doing the usual things that involve getting a signature or a hug. And precisely in this sense, in this article we point out a strange custom of some fans of the girl who went directly to the TwitchCon.

In fact, during the classic and iconic annual convention of Twitch which took place last weekend after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic from Coronavirussome fans of Amouranth they decided to show all their unconditional love for the web star, in a rather unusual way.

It all started in fact from a fan of the American girl, who just saw her at the TwitchCon decided to ask her a rather weird request during a greeting session with the fans. And no, if you are thinking of a hug or even a kiss on the cheek it is better that you change your thinking quickly.

This is because the aforementioned fan asked for Amouranth none other than of step on it. And faced with this strange request, the girl was quick to oblige and even clapped for her excitement, before putting on her white sneakers to the lower areas of the fan. Even the YouTuber Birdman who was next door started singing “step, step, step!”.

Seen this fact also, too other fans they decided to do the same request with the streamer obeying every time, not wanting to disappoint any of them who had been waiting a long time to see her up close.

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