Do you want to buy Among Us? Well it’s available for free download in the Epic Store

The secret free game in the Epic Store has been revealed: It’s Among Us, the cute looking but snappy designed multiplayer game about deception and murder on a space station.

The offer is valid from May 27th to June 3rd, 2021 at 5 p.m. If you buy during this period, you can keep Among Us permanently.

What is Among Us about?

Among Us plays in one of several space levels, sometimes a space station and sometimes a planetary outpost. A group of four to ten players act as astronauts who have to cope with various tasks.

However, one or more of them are traitors (English Impostor) who have only one goal: to bring all unsuspecting players around the corner without being exposed. To do this, they simulate work, sabotage systems to keep players busy or move quickly through the ventilation shafts.

The “clean” players can call emergency meetings. Then you discuss who the impostor could be via text chat or microphone. At the end of this phase, all players vote on who should be thrown out of the airlock. If the impostor has slipped and has even been observed during a murder, the vote is often unequivocal.

If, on the other hand, the traitor is good at deceiving and secretly grubbing up, and ideally diverting attention from himself in conversation with others, one after the other player flies innocently into space.

In the end, either the group of clean players wins if the impostor drifts into space – or the traitor if he is the last one left.

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