This week the team gun games released a detailed video on the Handler archetype. This will be one of the archetypes that we can select when reading Rest 2. Also, as we progress in our adventures, we can select a secondary archetype or change archetypes.

The trainer has the faithful company of his four-legged friend who will accompany him on all his adventures. This archetype has a host of abilities and passives that will help the solo player a lot but will work just as well in team play.

Remnant 2, the sequel to the best-selling Remnant: From the Ashes, pits the survivors of humanity against deadly new creatures and bosses of untold power in terrifying worlds. Play alone or with two friends to explore the depths of the unknown and prevent evil from destroying reality as you know it. You will have to rely on your own abilities and those of your team members to overcome the toughest challenges and prevent the extinction of humanity.

The sequel brings back the mix of frenetic and methodical melee and ranged combat against cunning enemies and powerful bosses. Choose specific gear and optimize your weapons for the different biomes you’ll explore and the battles you’ll face. Older players will have to team up with others to beat bosses and try to get rewards.

You will be able to travel alone or with friends through strange new worlds populated by mythical creatures and deadly enemies while trying to stay alive. Explore a wide variety of worlds with different types of creatures, weapons and items. Use the items you discover and upgrade them to complete the toughest challenges.

Story quests, upgrades, item crafting and rewards will challenge even the most seasoned player in dynamically generated areas and dungeons. Each game will be challenging and varied, as well as rewarding as you overcome the toughest challenges. The variety of stories woven between the different worlds will keep you coming back to explore and revisit the game.

The expanded archetype system offers new passive rewards and amazing powers. During the game you will be able to unlock, level up and equip multiple archetypes to suit the wide variety of playstyles.

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