Octopath Traveler 2 is full of weapons, and the icing on the cake is its legendary weapons. Hidden in plain sight and guarded by fearsome beasts, these mighty tools of destruction are legendary. With each of the eight playable characters possessing a unique weapon, you can bet your bottom dollar that the game will be that much deeper and more compelling. How about wielding all eight legendary weapons? Let’s just say it will take a ton of effort.

How to get all legendary weapons in Octopath Traveler 2?

Legendary weapons are secretly hidden in each region, shrouded in secrecy and mystique. With a little smart research, you can locate them. You can start by approaching guild masters and getting clues about them. Then, chat with them, choose the “Listen to more information” option, and ask them about these elusive legendary weapons. If you’d rather have your characters do that, we’ve compiled a list of all legendary weapons and their locations for you.

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Double Tomahawk

Gamepur screenshot

If you want to add the Double Tomahawk to your tyrant arsenal, hoist the sails and set sail for the floating treasure chest in the southwestern part of the Sundering Sea. To get there faster, you can fast travel to Canalbrine in the Harborlands and plot a course straight to the chest. Of course, you must purchase a seaworthy vessel to make the trip. Luckily, once you’ve completed Partitio’s Scent of Commerce quest, you’ll be the proud owner of a ship worthy of any self-respecting pirate.

exorcism bow

Gamepur screenshot

To acquire the Bow of Exorcism, you must channel your inner thief and use the Path of the Throne action to steal it from the possessions of the Ancient Soldier. The Old Man hogs the Ark near Timberain’s Castle Square in the Leaflands, so be sure to be on the lookout. But don’t think you can just walk in and grab it – you have to level your throne up to at least 60 if you want an 80% chance of success.

Fire Dragon Glaive

03 Fire Dragons GlaiveGamepur screenshot

To get the Fire Dragon Glaive, you need to sneak into a secret room inside the decaying temple in Hinoeuma. Here’s the plan: ditch your party at the tavern and head to the temple alone. Once inside, head to the save point and take the stairs to the upper floor on the left. In the northwest part of the area, activate the scroll to reveal the secret room. But beware: the dragon’s sword will not be easy, so be ready to face any obstacle that comes your way.

forbidden blade

04 Forbidden BladeGamepur screenshot

The famous forbidden blade is hidden in a treasure chest in the spooky abandoned cemetery in the Crestland region. But before you start dreaming of slicing and dicing with this powerful weapon, there’s one catch: you’ll need to face the Dream Eater boss to get closer to the chest. And even then, there is a chance that the blade will backfire and enhance your opponent’s physical attack. But hey, nothing worthwhile comes easy, does it?

From Comeluna

05 Moon Eater DaggerGamepur screenshot

To get the coveted Mooneater dagger, you must use the Throne’s Path action to steal it from the Vessel of Ruin at the Lost Seed gate in Brightlands. But don’t be too confident: you’ll need to ascend your throne to 60 to have an 80% chance of success. Oh, and one more thing: you’ll need to complete Throne Chapter 4 to unlock this area.

stone of truth

06 Stone of TruthGamepur screenshot

Don’t think they will give you the Stone of Truth; you will need to activate a secret bridge inside Under the Wall of the Winterlands. You can only do this if you have at least 7 party members. To achieve this, you must use Talent Powers Hire, Allure, Guide and Befriend to recruit your dream team. Once your crew is sorted, head to Under the Wall and past the bridge. Once it collapses, a hidden area will be revealed below. But beware! A boss guards the chest containing the Stone of Truth.

umbrella staff

07 Shade of the Sun StaffGamepur screenshot

Let’s say you’re looking to add some serious firepower to your arsenal. In that case, the Shade of the Sun Staff awaits you in the Western Gravell Wilds. Although you have to be a night owl to get it. Use your map to fast travel to Wildlands’ Gravell and out of town. Pass at night and kill time until dawn: a boy will appear, walking towards the cliff. Cast Temenos Path Action on the boy and you’ll be thrown into a confrontation with a shadow. This goofball is weak to Light, Electric, and Staff-based attacks, so bring your A-set and pull it off to claim your prize.

vest of joy

08 Vest of JoyGamepur screenshot

If you fancy adorning yourself with a Vest of Cheer, you need to earn it by conquering the A Girl’s Request quest. To start, look for the listless girl hanging out at a graveyard outside of Conning Creek in the Harborlands.


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