One of the best choices WWE 2K23 MyFaction has made is to continue using Evolution cards. The rules for Evolution cards are simple: complete the objective and the card will get stronger. We’ll break down all the currently known Evolution cards in WWE 2K23 and see how to upgrade them.

Choose your starter pack

When you first launch MyFaction, you will be asked to choose a brand. These cards will become the foundation of your new faction, and each Starter Pack comes with a Male Division and a Female Division Evolution Card. it is very important that you I can’t get one of the starter packs you don’t choose. The six superstars have different upgrade requirements and they are listed below. All starter pack cards have a single upgrade from Gold to Emerald.

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Bianca Belair Starter Pack

  • Land 20 heavy attacks
  • pin six opponents
  • Land five finishers

Matt Riddle Starter Pack

  • Perform 30 grab attacks
  • Perform 10 dive attacks
  • pin five opponents

Bron Breaker Starter Pack

  • Land 30 heavy attacks
  • Perform 20 grab attacks
  • Gives opponents red head damage five times

Roxane Parez Starter Pack

  • Perform 30 grab attacks
  • Perform 10 dive attacks
  • Gives opponents red leg damage ten times

Drew McIntyre Starter Pack

  • Land 20 heavy attacks
  • Perform 20 grab attacks
  • pin five opponents

Liv Morgan Starter Pack

  • Land 40 light attacks
  • Land 10 sprint attacks
  • 10 pin breakout

Gamepur screenshot

John Cena Deluxe Edition Evolution Explained

If you choose to purchase the Deluxe or Icon edition of the game, you will receive a special John Cena Evolution card that can change from gold to ruby ​​upon completing objectives. Evolution cards will automatically update after a match ends if you meet the requirements. Below are all the objectives you need to complete.

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John Cena Deluxe Edition evolution level 1

  • Land 75 light attacks
  • Land 45 heavy attacks
  • Land 5 finishers

John Cena Deluxe Edition Level 2 Evolution

  • Inflicts red chest damage to 10 opponents.
  • Perform 50 grab attacks
  • Land 75 heavy attacks

John Cena Deluxe Edition Level 3 Evolution

  • Escape 30 pins
  • Perform 15 signature moves
  • Land 15 finishers

These are all of the evolution cards currently in WWE 2K23. We’ll keep this list updated as more superstars are released.


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