As announced on the poster in the DLC description for Steam, Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania features 20 fancy new outfits that you equip for the protagonist of The Beheaded. Some, like the Dracula outfit, give the prisoner a cool and stylish look. In contrast, outfits like the Alucard Outfit or the Maria Outfit will simply make you look almost identical to their corresponding NPCs. Either way, this DLC gives you enough styles to last more than a few runs as you work to unlock the new weapons or acquire more boss stem cells.

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Unlock all outfits in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania

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If you’re determined to unlock all 20 Dead Cells Return to Castlevania outfits, there are three things you need to know:

  1. Some costumes are acquired by completing specific tasks, such as finding NPCs, accessing secret areas, or simply progressing through the expansion’s story. Another way to unlock some of the new outfits is by farming a particular mob.
  2. Boss-related outfits come in different variations, depending on the number of boss stem cells activated.
  3. There are two other “flawless” versions which are only obtained by defeating the two DLC bosses without losing any HP.

Here is an index to clarify the requirements to unlock each Castlevania outfit in Dead Cells:

outfit(s) How to unlock
Death Defeat Death on standard difficulty.
cold death
nervous death
red death
spectral death
Defeat Death with one or more boss stem cells activated.
perfect death Vence a Death sin losing HP.
Dracula Defeat Dracula twice on standard difficulty.
doctor dracula
Mathias Cronqvist
pompous dracula
dracula watchman
Defeat Dracula with one or more boss stem cells activated.
flawless dracula Defeat Dracula without losing any HP.
Alucard Talk to Alucard outside of Dracula’s throne room in Master’s Keep.
maria Obtain the registered key from the cat outside the castle and free Maria.
Richter Release Richter in Dracula’s castle (after the clock room) and clear the trail.
Enter the hidden chamber above the entrance to the Master’s Dungeon.
Simon Find a room in Dracula’s castle that contains a mask with a bleeding eye.
haunted armor This outfit is an exceptionally rare drop from Armor Knights.
Hector This outfit is an exceptionally rare drop from Dire Werewolves.


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