Announced in early March by Cold Iron, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a third-person shooter expected on August 24 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, ONE. However, if you thought you could play with everyone, it’s missed.

Unfortunately, Aliens: Fireteam Elite will not offer cross-play, but all is not lost since the title will be cross-gen. So, PS4 players will be able to play with PS5 players and Xbox One gamers will be able to join Xbox Series gamers. The announcement was made in the columns of Gamespot by Craig Zinkievich, CEO of Cold Iron Studios, who indicates that “nothing is planned about cross-play” for the time being. No reason is given, but it is unfortunate that a game of the genre does not benefit from it, which invites players to cooperate.

We also learn that matchmaking will be in the game, and an AI will immediately replace a player who disconnects or have a network problem, a good way to keep the pace of the game, even if it’s just a band-aid. The title will situate its scenario 23 years after the original film trilogy, and will propose 11 types of xenomorphs and synthetics, 70 pieces of equipment and over thirty weapons.

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