younot one of the best players in the premiere divide Since Kings League InfoJobs spoke this morning on the Twitch channel of Iaki Aguirregabiria It’s nothing less than Albert Bon, 1K FC player number 12.

He former Real Madrid youth squad who has passed through teams like Rayo Vallecano, Real Valladolid and Porto spoke with the journalist from your future in the Kings League InfoJobs.

Despite the fact that his team did not make the playoffs, he managed to be the senior assistant From the first divide con 8 assists in 11 games disputed. Besides, it’s the third top scorer of the competition only behind Cristian Ubn (17) and Edgar Álvaro (15).

Interest from Saiyans FC and Porcinos FC

His high performance caught the attention of other presidents and it didn’t take long for the question to arise as to the interest of TheGrefg and Ibai to integrate it into their teams. The question addressed to the 1K FC player was direct: “Have they contacted you yet?

Alberto Bueno doesn’t respond on interest from Ibai and TheGrefgTwitch Iaki Aguirregabiria

Alberto Bueno left it all up in the air and did not want to give information about it: “For the moment I do not answer”, assured the footballer. Let him guess from his reaction that they may have been able to contact him, but does not want to give details.

Despite this statement, he pointed out that his team is the one that gives him the most support, including president Iker Casillas. “These are the main culprits that I joined this project”, conclusion.

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Alberto Bueno doesn't get wet with his continuity in Iker Casillas' Kings League 1K FC

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