Darkflow software there Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of the major content update “Air Forces” of the online military action game enlisted. The update adds a new class of fighters to the game: Paratroopers.

Paratroopers specialize in sabotage and can jump from an aircraft anywhere on the map. They are versatile soldiers, trained to wield any infantry weapon available and capable of appearing in combat at any time. Initially, a paratrooper only has light assault weapons at his disposal, but supply crates are dropped from the transport plane with the squad containing heavy weapons such as machine guns and anti-tank systems. Thanks to this, you can choose the optimal equipment on the spot and go into battle.

Until May 6, players can unlock two paratroop squads exclusive to the Pacific campaign – Japanese paratroopers with the Type 100 rifle and Allied paratroopers with the M1A1 carbine – by completing the Reinforcements Received event tasks. Additionally, two premium paratrooper units from the Normandy Invasion campaign are included in the Paratrooper Pack available in the store. These are soldiers of the US 101st Airborne Division, whose story inspired the creators of the film “The Dirty Dozen”, and German soldiers of the 18th Parachute Regiment.

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More information about the new content and the “Air Forces” update can be found on the official Enlisted website.

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