Statement in Your Game Room

Adding These 4 Items Will Make a Statement in Your Game Room

Whether you are a console gamer, prefer collectible card games, or are totally obsessed with both, you will have an area of your house dedicated to your gaming passions, and now you can make it even better!

With exciting new personalized accessories and state-of-the-art gaming furniture and speakers, your game room can become the coolest hangout in town for you and your friends. These four items will change your gaming life, and you won’t believe you ever went without them.

Deck Box

If you love trading card games like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh, a playing card storage box is a must-have for you. A deck box allows you to travel with your cards without damaging them. This will keep your valuable collectible cards pristine so they maintain their value.

Having a deck box also helps to keep your deck arranged in the order you left it, so your playing cards are accessible. This is a great accessory if you are going to a tournament or a game night at a friend’s house, or just like to keep your game room organized.

You can also personalize the design of your deck box. Adding your personal touch to the box makes it more distinguishable at competitions or gatherings, as well as making it a fun and eye-catching item in your game room which reflects your personality and passions.  

A Custom Playmat

Another essential for avid card players is a custom game mat. This simple but effective accessory will greatly enhance your gaming experience. Not only do they look super cool, and have any personalized design of your choice, but they can protect your gear as well. Choosing a playmat that has pockets for your cards will help to preserve their quality and value.

Playing on a dirty or uneven surface can be frustrating and also damage your cards, but playing on your new game mat will be smooth sailing. You can even select the thickness of your playmat to suit your personal preferences.

The design you put on your custom game mat can say a lot about you. As highlighted by YourPlayMat, if you choose an anime design, for instance, this can suggest a lot about your interests as well as your playing style, while a bold, impressive image can set the tone for a competitive game. If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a cool new talking point at your next game night, a customized playmat is a solid investment.

A Specially Designed Gaming Chair

If you spend hours every day sitting in your gaming room, you might have noticed aches and pains in your back, neck, or pelvic area. This is because being sat for so long can be damaging for the body. The best way to combat this is with a specially designed gaming chair that improves your posture, using the basic principle of ergonomics. This means it is designed to support the natural S shape of the spine, which reduces slouching and takes the strain off the back and pelvis.

Some basic features to look out for in your new gaming chair include the warranty, whether it is adjustable, and if it offers memory foam pillows or lumbar support. However, there are many other desirable features that high-end gaming chairs have to offer, so it is worth doing your research to find the one that suits your needs best.

Surround Sound 

Having surround sound when online gaming can be incredibly advantageous. The gaming monitor or computer screen you’re playing on can only tell you what your character can see in front of them, but surround sound allows you to hear someone sneaking up on you from behind. 

Conventional surround sound uses six or more speakers, so when the game you’re playing is compatible with the surround sound technology, it sends a signal to the corresponding speaker to give the noises of the game a sense of directionality.

If your gaming room doesn’t have the space for multiple speakers, consider getting a high-tech gaming headset that uses simulated surround sound features and spatial audio. These headsets usually connect to your PC or gaming console through USB, but you might need to download a companion app to enable the surround sound feature.

Surround Sound

Jazz-Up Your Game Room Today

If you are sick of playing card games on sticky or uneven surfaces, or want a safe and dependable way to transport your valuable collectible cards, it’s time to invest in a deck box and a playmat, customized just for you.

If you find yourself complaining about backache after spending hours in front of the screen, or you keep losing at a videogame because you don’t see an attack coming, you could benefit from a state-of-the-art gaming chair, or eye-opening surround sound.

Don’t settle for less, upgrade your gaming experience and enjoy these awesome statement pieces.

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