For many years the March 10 It’s a very special date for all fans of Nintendo’s plumber, since it’s when the mario day (for the combination of “Mars” and “10”, MAR10). The celebration is usually accompanied by an offer or discounts on the games of the series, but this year they have decided to bet on a very special promotion (and also unprecedented). Something that we already suspected with the anticipated announcement of the final trailer for the film.

According to information from Businesswire, a Nintendo Switch console bundle (2019 model, non-OLED) will be released next Friday with the red Joy-Con and a digital download code to choose between Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. This promotion is somewhat unusual, as console and game packs are usually tied to specific software, but here you can choose the title you like the most. The pack will go on sale for €299.99 in My Nintendo Store and in some stores (although at the moment it is not known if this promotion will reach Spain).

Also starting tomorrow, March 3, a pgame discount promotion of the Mario franchise on the eShop and in stores until Saturday, March 11. You can check all the details on Nintendo’s website about Mario.

With the premiere of Super Mario Bros. : The Movie which is fast approaching, many are those who wish to join the current generation and rediscover this classic of video games. March is Mario month, and it should be celebrated.

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