A Valve employee revealed that the company is working on an unannounced project in which puzzles will play a key role. This raised the hopes of fans of the Portal series.

Valve is working on a new project and many indicate What could it be gate 3.

  1. The source of this speculation is Boyang Zhu, an artist employed by the company.
  2. His LinkedIn profile contained information that he had been working on an unannounced game for two years. Gamers quickly unearthed another profile on the website, belonging to former Valve employee Michael Anderson, who worked on the same project and He describes it as a game that is supposed to offer innovative game mechanics and is mainly puzzle-oriented.
  3. It is worth recalling here that last year the writers of Portal admitted that they had a good idea for the next installment.
  4. Of course, this could also be an entirely different project, so Portal fans should refrain from popping champagne just yet.

Regardless of whether the game ultimately turns out to be Portal 3 or not, the simple fact that Valve now seems much more active is good news.. Two weeks ago, the studio announced Counter-Strike 2, and testing for this game is already underway. Over the past decade, many of the company’s projects have encountered major development issues due to, among other things, issues with the Source 2 engine. These, however, seem to be a thing of the past now, so we hope that this result in a much more productive team.

remember that this month Portal 2 will celebrate its twelfth birthday. It also means that we have been waiting for the third part for a long time.. Over the years, we have not completely deprived ourselves of new experiences. Valve allowed other developers to capitalize on the brand, so we got the You Monster expansion for Defense Grid: The Awakening, and 2017 saw the release of Clockstone Software’s Bridge Constructor Portal. In turn, last year Valve released Aperture Desk Job, a short free universe game designed to introduce players to the Steam Deck. All of these projects were great, but they can’t replace Portal 3.

pending the announcement of gate 3the adventures of the fans of the second opus are worth the detour.

Impatient with the lack of new official games in the series, fans have rolled up their sleeves and developed a bunch of new adventures for the existing installments. If you’re looking for new campaigns, we particularly recommend the ones for Portal 2:

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  3. Cosmogony: Packed
  4. Designed for danger
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  6. scientific dreams (DOS).
  8. level with me
  9. escape the mind
  10. NYS-5 Single Player Campaign
  11. ancient scientific initiative
  12. The den
  13. Caught
  14. Wake up

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