Although we haven’t seen one in a while, we know that Disney is still firmly committed to live-action remakes of many of its classic animated films. The Little Mermaid is slated for release this year, and we now have confirmation that a live-action hybrid version of The Aristocats is in the works.

The Aristocats was created in 1970 and told the story of an old woman who decided to leave all her possessions to her cats. The cats are kidnapped by a disgruntled butler and a group of dogs and a stray cat take it upon themselves to save the day. The classic Disney tale, come on.

Given the “live-action hybrid” tag of this new film, we’ll likely see some part with CGI cats and live actors. The only person linked to the project so far seems to be the musician quest lovewho will take care of the address.

Would you like to see the Aristocats remake?

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