A fan of Minecraftthe hit sandbox game from Mojang Studios, has taken its dedication to this block-based builder to a new level, bringing together copies of all existing versions of the game to date in a great photo.

Long before it became an international phenomenon owned by Microsoft and its iconic characters appeared on all manner of items, Minecraft was just another obscure indie PC title released with relatively little hype.

Drawing heavily on the simulation game Dwarf Fortress and the childlike joy of building with LEGO bricks, Minecraft quickly gained a following among gamers as screenshots and videos of players’ awesome creations began to go viral. .

A series of updates over the years have added new biomes to Minecraft, along with new creatures and gameplay mechanics, ensuring the ever-evolving game always has something new to offer players.

Now, in a new post on r/Minecraft that has garnered a lot, Editor-in-Chief KraftyKreeper has shared an image of all Minecraft releases released to date in one epic photo. This shows the Java and Bedrock versions of the game running side-by-side on a computer screen, a nearby mobile phone and tablet each running their respective mobile version of the title, and a collection of console skins for the different versions. .

Seeing all of Mojang’s sandbox builds in one place helps illustrate Minecraft’s vast reach in the gaming world.

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