The scale of mobile in the gaming sector is no longer a surprise. A new report from the NPD Group again shows a growing community.

65% of Americans and Canadians play Mobile Games according to the NPD Group

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The scale of mobile in the gaming sector is no longer a surprise. A new report from the NPD Group again shows a growing community.

In the United Kingdom alone, a report published by Facebook earlier this month reported that the number of mobile phone gamers would have increased by 50% in 2020. Three other territories also showed strong growth: In the United States too, it was estimated this increase to 28%, in Germany to 25%, and in South Korea to 34%.

Today is a publication of NPD Group, in collaboration with Sensor Tower, which reports on the scale of mobile in two countries. of the 303.7 million cell phone users in the United States and Canada last year, 238.7 million would be active gamers (on the same medium). A figure then up 12% compared to 214 million in 2019. Because the pandemic has passed through there, the average number of hours per week spent playing mobile productions would have climbed to 8 in 2020, against 6 the previous year. 35% of mobile players, still in the United States and Canada, admitted that the lockdown caused them to play more frequently on the platform.

The appeal of mobile is “large and growing for all age groups“, said Mat Piscatella, analyst for the NPD Group. We see that the number of players aged 45 and over would have increased by 17% compared to 2019, that of 25 to 44 years by 13%, that of 2 at 12 years of 9%, and that of 13 to 24 years of 3%.

Its strength comes not only from its accessibility and availability, but also from the incredible diversity of titles available on mobile. From blockbuster titles like Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon Go, and Clash of Clans, to new hits like Call of Duty: Mobile and Among Us, the growth of mobile games is sure to continue into the future.

Note that the data contained in this report comes from a survey conducted in October 2020 among 5,000 active mobile players in the United States and Canada, aged 2 years and over: “Participants in this survey were recruited from two representative groups: adults – respondents aged 18 were recruited directly to participate and responded to the survey according to their own habits; and children / adolescents (aged 2-17 years) were recruited through parents with instructions to ensure that the child / adolescent responds to the survey themselves to the extent of their ability. possibilities“.

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