IKer Casillas was one of the most talked about additions to the Kings League. The former Real Madrid goalkeeper is far from the world of Twitch and streamers, but he has embarked on this adventure. Now, for his women’s team, he trusted Mayichi, one of Spain’s best-known content creators.

With nearly two million followers on Twitch and almost a million on Twitter, she is a worthy representative. Yesterday he was at the Cupra Arena to choose his 10 Draft warriors for the first split. Let’s get the names of the 1K players out.

The 10 players of 1K FC

  1. Miriam Jimnez
  2. Mara Farreras
  3. Paula Navas
  4. Nuria Mallada
  5. Claudia Sardia
  6. Emma Cardon
  7. Maria Alvarez
  8. Alexandra Garca
  9. Valeria Zapata
  10. Judith Jones

A quality staff and a player 11 for 1K

If the first Kings League season has taught 1K managers anything, it’s that technical staff and player 11 are very important. For this reason, they wanted to surround themselves well in these positions. As expected, they decided to have Sara del Estalwho will be the 11. She is a fast player, who has gone through the CE Europe, Deportivo Abanca or Zaragoza CFF. As a striker, she contributed one goal for Mayichi’s team.

And on the bench they have strengthened as well. As a coach, Elba of Vegasecond coach of CE Europe’s favorite youth team, and as a physical trainer Luca Martinezphysical trainer of the club mentioned above.

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