Gamescom 2021: Soulstice Gives Us a Good Dose of Action With Its Gameplay

Yesterday’s Future Games Show showed us a lot of things already seen … But a breath of fresh air came to lighten the evening with Soulstice, the dark and dynamic action-RPG, which showed a little gameplay.

It is during E3 2021 that Soulstice had been announced. This action-RPG somewhat reminiscent of Souls in its universe (and in its name incidentally), had stood out, piquing the curiosity of many players. Yesterday evening, during the Future Games Show, the game from Reply Games Studio and Modus Games has appeared to show us a little of its gameplay, which promises to be dynamic as possible.

As a reminder, the game immerses you in the shoes of Briar and Lute, two sisters transformed into Chimera. Behind this dark affair of transformation hides a mysterious story of mystical powers and other lost souls, which gives Soulstice a very special aura. Thus transformed, the two sisters were entrusted with a heavy task: save the Sacred Kingdom of Keidas from the specters who invade it, and that only the Chimera have the power to defeat.

And if you seem to have recognized someone on the screen, well you have the eye, since it is Stefanie Joosten (Quiet dans Metal Gear Solid V who lent her face for the game. To see her in action, it will be in 2022, on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Brent Dubin
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