Fortnite: Terminator and Sarah Connor add to Chapter 2 of Season 5

Fortnite: Terminator and Sarah Connor add to Chapter 2 of Season 5

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The most successful battle royale on the market, Fortnite, continues to add characters to the Bounty Hunters, the linchpin of its fifth season. On this occasion, the producer of the title, Epic Games, will make an alliance with the franchise popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator, something that will introduce a skin of the mythical T-800 and of Sarah Connor. These outfits, which can be obtained in the item shop, will be accompanied by other accessories, such as gestures, backpacks and picks.

Fortnite‘s fifth season is leaving players breathless. Throughout this, the game’s production company managed to generate alliances with large franchises of both cinema and gaming to introduce skins of the characters most loved by the people. So far, the battle royale has added This Djarin and Yellow of The Mandalorian, Michonne and Daryl de The Walking Dead, he Halo Master Chief already Kratos the God of War, among others. This not only serves to expand the possibilities within the game, but also to attract the attention of other audiences.

On this occasion, those who will join the game will be the Sarah Connor and the T-800, mythical characters from the franchise The Terminator, which debuted in theaters in 1984, directed by James Cameron. These, which will arrive to join the hunt, the lynchpin of the fifth season of chapter 2, will give a retro touch to the game and also a dose of nostalgia for older players.

The T-800 endoskeleton arm will be one of Sarah Connor's accessories

The T-800 endoskeleton arm will be one of Sarah Connor’s accessories 

As reported Epic Games, both will bring special accessories. In the case of Sarah Connor, whom the developer describes as an experienced when dealing with impending storms, you can find a skin with two variations. In turn, to complete her look, users can get the T-800 endoskeleton arm, the main protagonist of one of the most famous scenes in the saga, and the combat knife so used by her.

For its part, the T-800, the robot that camouflages itself under the skin of Arnold Schwarzenegger, will arrive at the battle royale with an interesting look and a built-in gesture. Additionally, players will be able to purchase the Skynet Hunter-Killer Uplink Retro Backpack and Techgrip Ax Pickaxe. This skin will surely be one of the most used in the coming weeks, given its popularity and the fun that being on the island with it can generate.

Yesterday, Fortnite presented the skin of The Predator

Yesterday, Fortnite presented the skin of The Predator 

The arrival of this skin gives even more strength to the Predator, which arrived yesterday at the game. In just two days, Epic Games made strong content available to users, which will surely continue to arrive in the coming weeks. As leaked, the arrival of Lara Croft’s skin, the famous protagonist of the saga, is imminent Tomb Raider.

However, the arrival of the characters of The Terminator It also puts into perspective the intentions of the studio behind the film saga, which is increasingly bringing it closer to video games. It is worth remembering that the character also appears in Mortal Kombat XI, where it had a great acceptance by the fans. In addition, in 2019 it was launched Terminator Resistance, an official title of the saga that passed without pain or glory.

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