As we slowly but surely approach the end of this Fortnite season, Epic Games has decided to continue adding new features to its game. Today we were treated to two new weapons including the Brave Cannon including here we are going to talk.

Where to find it?

The Brave Cannon is a weapon that has just appeared in the game, but which you won’t have the chance to come across much. The reason is simple, this is an exotic weapon, understand a weapon that you have to buy from NPCs for gold.

More precisely, it is 600 golds that you will have to spend to get your hands on this weapon and only an NPC sells it on the map! This one is in a small cabin northeast of Pleasant Park as you can see on the map below:

A modernized bandage bazooka

It’s been a little while now Epic Games amazed us with the release of the bandage bazooka, a weapon taking two inventory slots, but allowing us to have an infinite resource in bandages, which was a big plus in team.

Well, with this Canon of the brave, we stay in something quite similar. Thanks to him, you will be able to heal 15 HP to your allies. If their life is full, it will then grant 15 shields instead. A version 2.0 of the bandage bazooka that is likely to make people happy.

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