Fortnite Season 5 Daily Quest: Find Hidden Bunker

Fortnite Season 5 Daily Quest: Find Hidden Bunker

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Globe Live Media, Thursday, January 28, 2021

Every week, Thursday is the day new challenges are added to those already present since the start of the season on Fortnite. So, let’s take a look here at one of the challenges that just popped up in the game that asks you to find a bunker.

Three possibilities

The good news is that depending on where on the map you’re used to jumping, you might find a bunker that’s quite close. The first of these is on a small island in the far north of the map. Once there, destroy the wooden buildings and you will find the entrance.

A second bunker is to the west of the map, in the open sea. As you can imagine, it is underwater that it is located. Finally, the last bunker is in the eastern part of the map. To clear it, you will have to cut down some bushes.

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