While Gracyanne Barbosa consumes around 40 eggs a day, Thalita Zampirolli says she eats around 25

In an interview, a nutritionist reveals that too much protein can overload the kidneys, lead to cardiovascular disease and long-term overweight.

It’s no surprise that fitness muse Gracyanne Barbosa follows a strict and restrictive eating routine. Recently, for example, she surprised her followers by revealing that she eats more than 1,200 eggs a month – eight per meal. If she ate five meals a day like most mass gainers, she would eat around 40 a day.

But she’s not the only one who follows this type of diet. The model and current drum queen of Unidos de Padre Miguel, Thalita Zampirolli, revealed that she eats around 25 eggs a day – which works out at around 750 eggs a month.

However, experts point out that overdoing it, even with nutritious foods such as eggs, is a health risk and can lead to severe illnesses in the future. Nutritionist and GLOBO columnist Priscilla Primi says that too many eggs can overload the kidneys.

– The egg is an excellent food, it is considered a gold standard protein, because it is complete, just like meat and milk. It helps with muscle building, blood formation, the immune system, skin and hair formation, but in this quantity, they make it impossible for the kidneys to eliminate all the toxic substances from protein metabolization, which can cause kidney stones and kidney failure – explains the nutritionist.

Primi also mentions that eggs are rich in vitamins A, D and E, but lack the vitamin C complex, meaning that if the patient is on a restrictive diet, there may be a deficiency of other vitamins and minerals.

– The diet has to be diverse and varied in order to provide all the nutrients the body needs, and too much can compromise the renal system in particular – he says.

Saturated fat is found in egg yolks, in small quantities, but if ingested in the quantities mentioned by the muses, it can lead to cardiovascular disease and overweight in the long term.

Both Gracyanne and Thalita do intense weight training every day of the week and have the help of professionals such as personal trainers and even physiotherapists.

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