Which states in the southern United States will receive a stimulus check in 2022

Which states in the southern United States will receive a stimulus check in 2022

There are two states, located in the southern United States, that will be sending economic stimulus money to their residents before the end of 2022

As the arrival of the year 2023 approaches, we see how the stimulus checks are running out , a help that seems to be quite precarious for the coming year. But there is still hope for some states in the southern United States , who will receive stimulus money before the end of 2022. At Just Money we tell you who it is.

With inflation of 7.7% in the month of October, Americans can expect, according to experts, the prices of products and services to drop for the following months, although life is not expected to be cheaper either.

Although there were several states in the southern United States that delivered stimulus checks, there are two that are still active in issuing stimulus checks due to inflation.

1.- South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is turning in your state tax refund . They are part of income taxes. The money is being delivered starting in November and will continue through the month of December. The amounts that residents can expect range up to $800. Everything will depend on the income you had during 2021 and also on the marital status you use for tax filing purposes.

Those taxpayers who have paid less than $800 in total taxes, which CNET according to this amount is 33% of South Carolinians, will receive their full refund. Those who have paid zero dollars in taxes will not receive any stimulus check.

2.- Virginia

In Virginia, a $250 state tax refund will be paid for single taxpayers and $500 for married couples filing jointly. According to the Virginia State Board of Taxation, about 3.2 million residents are expected to be eligible and receive their payments through the end of the year.

Those people who will receive their money by paper check or who filed their tax return after September 2022 will benefit.

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