US stimulus check: How farmworkers can get up to 0

US stimulus check: How farmworkers can get up to $600

Farmers in the United States will be able to receive a one-time payment of $600. If you are interested, you have to send an application. In GlobeLiveMedia we tell you more details

Some good news has just been announced for America’s farmers. The country’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) authorized stimulus checks for this group of workers for up to $600 dollars.

This financial aid is part of the relief approved for the effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and is distributed by the UFW Foundation, which has been selected as a beneficiary of the Subsidy Program for Agricultural and Food Workers (FFWR). Through the measure, a one-time payment of $600 dollars will be sent to agricultural workers who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

What is known so far is that those interested will have to send an application to receive the payment, however, the details are not available and they are not yet open.

Through a statement sent by the UFW Foundation, it was reported that they will have seven subrecipient organizations that will also provide critical outreach and application support to workers.

“The program was designed to provide relief to front-line farmworkers, meatpacking workers and grocery store workers for expenses incurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Details of the eligibility criteria to qualify for the $600 one-time payment will be available soon. The start date of the application period has not yet been determined,” the press release explains.

The economic relief will be for those who have worked from January 27, 2020 until the emergency period has been declared. Eligibility requirements include identity and employment verification. They made it clear that immigration status will not be a determining factor for them to receive this stimulus check. The procedure has no cost.

“Only organizations that receive the USDA grant can process farm and food worker relief applications. Prospective applicants are reminded not to provide personal documents or any form of identification to unapproved organizations,” the press release explained.

If you want to know what the participating organizations are, you can go to the USDA website, since those that appear in the list are the only entities selected to provide these funds.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has left our most essential workers to fend for themselves with no federal help, low wages, dangerous working conditions and little to no economic safety net,” said UFW Foundation Executive Director Diana Tellefson Torres.

“And yet farmworkers continued to risk their lives so all of us would have food on our tables. Pandemic relief payments will have a significant impact on the daily lives of farmworkers affected by the pandemic. We have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure that this much-needed pandemic relief reaches the hands of farmworkers across the country,” Tellefson Torres concluded.

If you want more information about this stimulus check for farmers in the United States, you can enter the following link.

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