• At Globe Live Media we tell you the 10 best car insurance for teenage drivers in the US, so that you can get the best prices and the best insurance coverage for your teenage children

In the world of auto insurance in the United States, probably the most expensive policies are those that are geared toward teen drivers. The reason for this is that insurance companies often consider teen drivers to be much more likely to be in a car accident because they don’t have as much experience behind the wheel as an adult.

According to data compiled by Bankrate, a parent who adds their teenage son or daughter to their car insurance can expect an additional increase of $2,168 on average. Likewise, if a teenage driver has an accident in his vehicle or receives a ticket, the prices of his insurance policy can increase between 20% and 40%.

For this reason, at Globe Live Media we have compiled a list of the 10 best auto insurance policies to help you find policies that provide good coverage and good prices in the US.

1- Geico

Geico is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, offering full-coverage auto insurance, which typically costs about $2,168, to 16-year-old teen drivers, according to data compiled by Bankrate.

But Geico’s added value, when it comes to auto insurance for teen drivers, lies in the teen discounts.

These include the “good student” discount for those who have a B average in their schools (and it can save you up to 15%), new vehicle discounts (which can be up to 15%), and good driving discounts for young adults who have gone five years without a vehicle accident (which can save up to 225).


United Services Automobile Association (USAA) insurance is only available to households with a veteran or member of the US military in the family. If this requirement is met, the individual insured by USAA may be able to include a teenager on their auto insurance.

Among the advantages that USAA offers are the prices of its policies, which are extremely competitive when compared to those of other insurance companies, and the fact that they offer discounts for students in the event that they take a defensive driving course or have good grades.

3- State Farm

State Farm Insurance Company offers a wide range of discounts for teen drivers, including the option to use the Drive Safe & Save app, which monitors a driver’s driving habits to provide up to a 30% discount on The policy.

Likewise, those drivers under 25 years of age who have not had accidents or traffic violations in a period of three years can qualify for a discount of up to 15%.

4- Progressive

Progressive Insurance Company also offers discounts for teen drivers as well as those in good standing.

But perhaps the most attractive is the discount for students who attend school without using their vehicles (if the school is more than 100 miles away), as well as a discount for teens who don’t drive. Frequently.

5- Friends

Among the strengths of the insurance company Amica is a high level of customer satisfaction, which is not too surprising given that Amica is one of the oldest auto insurance companies in the United States (although it should be noted that it does not work in the state of Hawaii).

For teenage drivers who have parents insured with Amica there is a special incentive: the legacy discount. This means that all teens whose parents have auto insurance with Amica for more than five years will receive an additional discount.

Amica also has regular discounts like good student and defensive driving.

6-Erie Insurance

According to the specialized portal Value Penguin, Erie Insurance has some of the best discounts for teenage drivers in the United States.

Among them are:

1) Youth discounts, for drivers under 21 years of age who still live with their parents.
2) Youth longevity discounts: For drivers who are not married and have been part of someone else’s Erie policy, such as their parent or legal guardian.

7- Auto Owners Insurance

Auto Owners Insurance’s accident leniency policy lands this company on this list. This means that the first accident of teen drivers (and adults in general) will not have a significant impact on car insurance premiums.

This policy is particularly useful for teenage drivers, who, as we have said, are more likely to be in an accident due to their little driving experience.


In addition to good student and accident leniency discounts, Nationwide offers assistance for all teen drivers in case of any emergency, like a flat tire.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service could be extremely beneficial for teen drivers.

9- Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau is a company that offers competitive auto insurance prices as well as exceptional customer service, which will certainly benefit teen drivers.

However, among its flaws are the lack of specialized coverage, so if you are looking for a policy with special characteristics, it is probably not your best option, according to the specialized portal Value Penguin.

10- Country Financial

Like the Farm Bureau, Country Financial offers extremely cheap teen car insurance. In fact, they are among the most competitive auto insurance on the market.

Similarly, they offer discounts for students with good grades and who have not had accidents.

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