People who are going to receive their economic stimulus on a debit card and whose last names start with any of the letters between A and E will get their money the last week of October

California is active in giving out stimulus checks for inflation. After the local government and its governor, Gavin Newsom, approved a round of economic relief to help people combat high consumer price indexes, the first checks have already been delivered and the second will be sent just this week. lots.

This time it is up to those people who will receive it through debit cards that will be sent to residents starting this week, which is the last week of October. As of October 7, Californians have received the Middle Class Tax Refund. The first to get this money were those who chose direct deposit, which means that it came directly to their bank accounts.

Starting this Monday, October 24, the California government will be in charge of sending the first debit cards with the money, which will be sent by mail. The first batch of debit cards will be sent to people who received a Golden State stimulus payment (GSS I or II) last year, whose last names also begin with the letters A ? AND.

“All members of that group must have their payment mailed to them by November 5,” the California Tax Board said. California is shipping the debit cards in partnership with the Money Network.

So far, only those California residents who received a stimulus check called the Golden State in 2021 have received their tax refund from the middle class in the state in 2022. However, this year more people will be eligible, since that a higher income limit has been set.

The third round of stimulus checks in California will begin to be sent on November 6. On that next occasion, it will be received by those who have received a Golden State stimulus check and who also have last names that begin with the letters F-M.

Payments are variable, ranging from $200 to $1,050 per eligible family. The amount to receive will depend on your income obtained during 2020, your marital status and the number of dependents you have.

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